Denim Jeans Manufacturers

Denim jeans manufacturers
Denim jeans manufacturers

Features of Jean (Denim) Fabrics: Fabrics used in Jean garment production are generally 100% cotton. In recent years, fabrics such as 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend have also been tried.
The most prominent feature of the denim fabric is that the warp threads are indigo painted and the weft threads are in the natural color, white.
The jean fabrics that can be made in various weights are usually 3/1 or 2/1 warp knit braid blue, navy blue, black and so on. colored warps and white weft yarns.
The features that must be in the denim fabric are:
a) Dimensional change in the wash should be at most 2% in the pull, warp and warp directions.
b) Fabric widths should be measured excluding edge texture.
c) Color fastnesses (wash and water fastness) should be at least 4, friction fastness at most 3, and others should be 5.
Jean (Denim) Fabric Types;
The most important types of fabrics used in Jean garment production are:
a) Blue jeans (jeans) fabric
b) Black jeans fabric
c) Stretch (elastic) jean fabric
d) Sanded jean fabric
e) Bleached jeans fabric

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