Jeans Factory from Turkey

Jeans factory from Turkey
Jeans factory from Turkey

– Two sides and one at the front There is a pocket of hours.
– There are two applique pockets at the back.
– There is a gasket on the rear pants.
– Two front, three rear bridges there is.
– Watch pocket side stitch distance 2cm, distance from belle 2.5 cm, and the size is 8 cm.
– The rear seat distance 6cm, side stitch down to 2.5 cm.
– Side sockets of side pockets distance 11.5 cm, down from the ground 7.5 cm.
– Buttonhole eyelike buttonhole button
– At the top and bottom of the bridge, return and end of patet in the back pocket we pont
– In the front pocket mouths, rivet is used.

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